Bemis AssociatesBemis Associates:

Senate Construction recently completed the complete renovation of a space in the corporate headquarters of Bemis Associates in Shirley, MA. Bemis is recognized worldwide as a technology leader in providing thermoplastic films for a myriad of industries and applications. Bemis calls the new space its "Community Room and Idea Center". The renovation work included all new finishes from flooring and LED lighting to sliding glass dry-erase boards. Acoustical design work implemented several unique materials and strategies that now effectively keep noise generated by the nearby manufacturing activity out of the room.

“As Bemis collaborates more and more with our partner customers, we need our environment to support that. The more relaxed and calm our employees, the more receptive to tap into their creativity,” said a Bemis manager. “The new Idea Center is our effort toward making a relaxing environment where we can access our creative energy and share it with others. We are telling our employees: this is your room. Use it. Enjoy it.”

Mount Alvernia High SchooMount Alvernia High School:

Senate Construction Corporation is currently renovating a science lab at Mount Alvernia High School in Newton, MA. Mount Alvernia is a girls Catholic high school (Grades 7-12). The complete renovation includes new electrical, gas and plumbing systems that will service all new lab casework, workstations, equipment and fume hood along with a new ceiling, lighting, flooring and paint. The lab is designed to for seating variability that allows for either a Lab or Lecture arrangement. The renovation design will provide an improved learning and teaching environment. Project architect is Norwell, MA-based Habeeb & Associates Architects, Inc.

New Website:

In celebration of our 25th anniversary we decided to give our website a new look. We hope that you will enjoy browsing our new site and find more options and information each time.

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