There is a myth that pre-engineered buildings cannot be customized or designed to be architecturally pleasing. But that isn’t true! For example, look at the recent, seamless integration of the two structures at Integra Companies by Senate Construction.

Senate is a certified Butler Builder and their services and systems are completely customizable. If you can dream it, Senate can build it using Butler building systems. You don’t have to sacrifice artistry or creativity to take advantage of the convenience, speed, and cost-effectiveness of a pre-engineered building.

What’s the Difference Between “Pre-Engineered” and “Conventional” Construction?

Corporate Headquarters Renovation & Addition, Integra Companies

There are a few major differences:

  • Pre-engineered buildings are statistically 30% lighter than conventional buildings because of more efficient use of steel. The numbers are more exact, allowing the contractor to purchase less steel, resulting in less waste.
  • Most pre-engineered buildings are formed from standard sections and connections, so time in design and construction are reduced. The basic designs are based on international design codes that are used over and over again. Conventional buildings must be designed from scratch every time.
  • Steel erection is both faster and less expensive with pre-engineered buildings. Typically, conventional steel buildings are 20% more expensive, mostly due to the fact that erection times and costs are not estimated as accurately as they are with pre-engineered buildings.

Clearly, pre-engineered technology has come a long way and with Senate, you can be sure that your project will be customized to your needs and meet your vision whether you choose pre-engineered or conventional construction or even a mix of both. To learn more, call Senate Construction today!

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