Despite supply chain headaches, Senate keeps projects on track

Supply shortages and supply chain issues call for construction firms to regroup

Construction firms, similar to the rest of the world, have experienced never-ending headaches regarding supply-chain issues. Shortages and delays began when COVID kicked off around February, 2020 and haven’t appeared to let up.

The building materials and supply shortages the construction industry is experiencing in the wake of the pandemic is slowing down commercial construction projects due to a number of factors. 

Some manufacturers placed a halt on production in order to survive and now they’re struggling to find labor and raw materials. As a result, new facility construction starts were delayed or placed on hold. Trucking companies, always short on workers, are experiencing a real labor squeeze now so the delivery of much-needed supplies is still slowing down to a halt.

Owners of construction firms need to recognize that significant adjustments are appropriate regarding the delivery date and pricing of projects that were awarded or commenced early in the pandemic. More than ever before, the delays and shortages call for clear communication to their customer base and the flexibility and expertise to manage tight timelines and recommend alternative materials to get the job done. 

That’s where a full-service design-build construction firm excels.

The right solutions and expertise mitigate all this volatility

The delays caused by supplier resources, lack of skilled labor and slow lead times in receiving materials has been rough. And it’s been a challenge to obtain pricing that can be held from the bid state to procurement.

But as experienced design/builders, we’ve put solutions into place to mitigate all the volatility as much as possible.

Commercial construction numbers are up almost 4%. Warehousing construction and manufacturing will be two of the fastest growing sectors in 2022.* Our customers, the majority being private business owners and manufacturers, can breathe a little sigh of relief—for those reasons and a few more.

Addressing these issues is critical to our customer’s success

Senate Construction evaluates lead times for supply chain delays and is prepared to make alternative material recommendations to keep your construction project on track. We’ve been doing a lot of this throughout our current projects as a result of the lack of materials and long lead times.

Our teams at Senate will continue to work proactively and prioritize flexibility to address project requirements. We’re hired based on the value we bring to our customers and right now, addressing these issues is critical to their success. 

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