Years of brutal New England winters can do a number on your roof. Typically, a roof will last 15-20 years if you have a TPO/membrane roof or 30-40 years if you have a quality metal standing seam roof system but years of bad weather can expedite deterioration. Either way, when the time comes to replace it, it’s a costly and time-consuming endeavor.

How Do I Know if I Need a New Roof?

A leaky roof isn’t the only tell-tale sign that your roof system is failing. In order to determine if you need a new roof or a reroof, the first step is to schedule a diagnostic of your current system. At Senate, we will perform this service for free and give you a detailed assessment of your roof and recommendations on any improvements you may need.

My Roof Needs to be Replaced, Now What?

If the diagnostic reveals that your roof needs to be replaced, you have two options. You can strip off your existing roof and install an entirely new system or you can opt to reroof. Whenever possible (depending on the condition of your current roof), we always recommend performing a reroof, rather than installing an entirely new roof. Reroofing is faster, more cost effective, while providing an improved R-Value and an extended life of 30-40 years.

Features And Benefits of Reroofing

  • Can be installed directly over the existing roof in most cases, eliminating tear-off costs and minimizing interruption to daily business activities
  • Extensive design flexibility ensures seamless integration into existing structures
  • Available in a wide variety of colors, including energy-efficient cool colors
  • Options include the Low-Profile Metal-Over-Metal System, High-Profile Metal-Over-Metal System and Slope Build-Up Framing System

If you’re concerned about your roof or are interested in learning more about reroofing, reach out to us today!

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