Pre-engineered or three-plate steel buildings are typically associated with large distribution facilities or industrial spaces but, just a brief perusal of Butler Manufacturing’s project portfolio shows the breadth of industries that are taking advantage of the convenience, cost-effectiveness, and speed of pre-engineered buildings.

Senate is a certified Butler Builder and, with Butler’s completely customizable building systems, even the most traditional building markets – like schools and offices – can take advantage of the many benefits of a pre-engineered building system. Time in design and construction are reduced, and with 30% lighter materials, the cost of materials is brought down considerably.

As we’ve shown in a previous blog, a pre-engineered building can be as beautiful (and award-winning!) as any conventionally constructed building.

You don’t have to sacrifice time and money to achieve your school’s vision when you take advantage of the convenience, speed, and cost-effectiveness of a pre-engineered building. If you can dream it, Senate can build it.

Pre-engineered technology can be applied to any field or market with ease, and with Senate, you can be sure that your project will be customized to your needs and meet your vision whether you choose pre-engineered or conventional construction or even a mix of both.

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