If you are a bit concerned about construction labor force, do not worry. We have your base covered because we are fully prepared for to meet labor challenges faced by the construction industry in Massachusetts.

Construction employment increased by 17,000 jobs in April and by 257,000 jobs over the past year while firms boosted pay to help recruit new workers, according to an analysis of new government data by the Associated General Contractors of America, known as the AGC.

AGC officials noted that the increases in pay appear to be attracting more former construction workers back into the job market, but cautioned that labor conditions remain extremely tight.

Construction employment totaled 7,174,000 in April, a gain of 17,000 for the month and 257,000, or 3.7 percent, over 12 months, according to AGC. Construction employment is at the highest level since June 2008. AGC officials pointed out that the­­ year-over-year growth rate in industry jobs was more triple the 1.1 percent rise in total nonfarm payroll employment.

Hourly earnings in the industry averaged $29.63 in April, an increase of 3.5 percent from a year earlier. That put the average hourly earnings in construction 10.4 percent higher than the average for all nonfarm private-sector jobs, which rose 2.6 percent in the past year, to $26.84, according to AGC officials.

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